Have you ever had a job where you couldn’t take a vacation? – A survey by Pulzus

The labor rights of workers have been weakened by changes made to the labor code by the Hungarian government. The Hungarian Trade Union Confederation claims that as a result of the Labor Code modification, some employers will prohibit employees from choosing when to take a vacation.

The Labor Code was expanded with a few revisions that will leave Hungarian employees even more susceptible to their employers than before, despite the fact that the official purpose was to harmonize legal standards across the EU.

The modification includes a clause that states that the employer may refuse to grant the employee’s previously granted seven days of vacation time “in the case of an extraordinarily vital economic interest or a circumstance that directly and materially impairs its operation.”

In the Pulzus study, we questioned our customers to see if they had ever worked a job where there was no day off or no way to take a vacation.

Have you ever had a job that prevented you from taking any vacation time or days off?

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