Should fathers also listen to the heartbeat? – A survey by Pulzus

The Interior Minister’s regulation, which mandates that the mother must first hear the fetus’s heartbeat before ending a pregnancy, went into effect more than two months ago. You must also provide documentation that this actually happened, such as a specialist’s report.

Many people, however, hold that both the father and the mother have equal rights and obligations when it comes to deciding the fate of a child. Those who view abortion as a woman’s right neglect the father, who is also important for the child’s conception, and hold that the father has no authority to make this decision. Is abortion a personal choice?

We polled users of the Pulse Application to determine whether they believed the father need to hear the embryonic heartbeat as well.

Fathers ought to be able to hear the fetal heartbeat, according to 41% of the respondents.

Do you believe the father needs to check the fetus’s heartbeat as well?

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