Are adopted animals returned to shelters en masse? – A survey by Pulzus

Animal shelters are receiving a growing number of animals back. Currently, the price of veterinarian services, feed, and pet food has climbed as well.
Adopted animals were never frequently sent back to shelters in the past, but during the past several months, the incidence of this has skyrocketed.

“We call them overhead dogs. Their owners are unable to care for them. They relocate abroad because they can’t afford to buy food for themselves or cover veterinary costs “The proponent of animal rights enumerates the justifications for returning the animals.

In the Pulzus study, we questioned our users about their awareness of the widespread transport of animals to shelters.

52% of those surveyed said they had heard about the widespread return of animals to shelters.

Did you know that a lot of adopted animals are sent back to shelters?

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