Have you ever had a lucid dream? – A Pulzus survey

Dreams are the most intriguing and mystical parts of our sleep. We know a lot about sleep’s objective and function, but we know a lot less about dreams themselves. We still react to impulses of the outside world during sleep, while in our dreams we build in previous experiences, life events, bodily triggers and various mental activity.

Lucid dreaming is a type of dream, where the people sleeping are aware of their own state of mind, and recognize that they are dreaming. Moreover, depending on their level of skill and awareness, they can influence any element of the dream.

In a lucid dream we feel taste, odour, touch very similarly to reality, they only differ in a bit from the real senses. If we stay conscious when falling asleep, we transition from processing our internal impulses instead of the stimuli of the outer world, and eventually, we will experience sleep paralysis. This is the stage in a dream where we can control the events.

In our survey, we asked Pulzus users whether they ever had a lucid dream.

42% of the respondents claimed they have experienced lucid dreaming at one point in their life.

Have you ever had a lucid dream?

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