Can you buy happiness? – A survey by Pulzus

Yusaku Maezawa, Japanese fashion retail icon, made the news for breaking the world record of getting the most retweets on Twitter.

The billionaire gave 9 million dollars to the self-invented social experiment. The essence of the experiment is that he gives 1 million yens (about 17500 US dollars) to a select thousand of his Twitter followers. The lucky ones picked will take part in a long-term experiment that studies whether the free money has made them feel happier in their life.
Maezawa plans to measure the results of the experiment with questionnaires.

We asked the users of the Pulzus research application if they think happiness can be bought with money.

72% of the respondents claim that money can help in achieving happiness, but in itself, it cannot make people happy.

Do you think happiness can be bought with money?

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