How often do you cycle? – A survey by Pulzus

Riding a bike immediately makes most people think about the Netherlands or Denmark, even though Hungary also has a long tradition of bicycling. Thanks to the high number of bikers on the Hungarian countryside, we are still considered as one of the “top biker” countries within the EU.
On the South-Planes region, every third adult uses a bicycle as a primary form of transportation.

Many think bicycling is humanity’s highest hope that can lead us towards a CO2-free future. Travelling with a bike means zero emissions, it has several social benefits, and most importantly, it is a technology available to almost everyone.
These benefits of biking could be swiftly and affordably enhanced, as bicycles are widely available to 75% of the population, and the majority of these people would bike more often under better circumstances.

Nowadays, more and more people are recognizing the everyday benefits of biking, and by taking to the saddle they prove that any weather can be suitable for it. Biking is not just a great free time activity, it can also be a lifestyle.

We asked the users of the Pulzus application if they travel by bicycle.
30% of the respondents have never done so, 28% annually a few times, 12% on a monthly basis, while 10% gets on a bike every single day.

How often do you bike?

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