How often do you play video games? – A survey by Pulzus

We have heard for a long time that children can become violent because of video games, and that gaming has overall a bad impact on mental health. However, during the past years, many new studies have surfaced highlighting a positive side of video gaming, aside from its disadvantages.

In one of these studies, they examined the brains of 27 professional gamers. Researchers found they have a larger-than-average grey matter with an exceptionally high amount of connections between parts of their brain. In another research studying 33 surgeons, they found that those, who regularly play video games perform better at the operation theatre than those who do not play at all.

We asked the users of the Pulzus application how often they play video games.

60% of the respondents said they never play, while 29% occasionally plays with video games.

Do you play video games?

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