Ever felt like you can’t stop laughing? – Pulzus survey

The science of laughter is far from complete yet. There are plenty of unanswered questions. It’s not at all clear what makes something funny, although scientists already suspect that context matters.
Researchers say people laugh for many different reasons, often in their nervousness and other times to relieve their pain. It’s also possible that we start giggling in confusion, trying to cover up our feelings.

We usually laugh consciously, but there are also times when we find something so funny that we are unable to hold back our laughter.
Research shows that laughter truly is contagious. After all, it’s much harder to stop laughing if you focus on holding it back. Moreover, many times simply the thought of laughter can be stimulating.

60% of participants in our survey said that at some point, there was a situation in their lives when they could not stop guffawing even though they knew they should. Only 9% said they could stop laughing whenever they wanted to.

Have you ever been unable to stop laughing?

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