The credibility of Influencers – Pulzus Survey

An influencer is a person well known in social media who, as an opinion leader, can even influence the opinions, decisions, and shopping habits of their fans and followers.
Thus, based on influencer marketing, the consumers are buying products because of the advertising brand, not for the product’s characteristics.

The intriguing thing is that one does not perceive the content as an advertisement. Many of us follow some people via social media who we are curious about. We are interested in what they do: what toothpaste, what rinse aid they use, or what juice they drink for breakfast. We watch the content even if we know it has a sponsored product display.
More and more Hungarian influencers and opinion leaders present various products and services on numerous social media platforms. We wanted to find out how credible these appearances are, according to Pulzus users.

45% of respondents are aware of influencers’ activities and treat these appearances cautiously, knowing that they will receive money for covert advertisement.
42% think that the influencer’s perspective is also just consumer opinion and that their thoughts will not necessarily be similar.
Only 3% think influencers are trustworthy.

Do you consider them credible?

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