Would you eat insects? – Pulzus survey

Insects are considered a tasty main course in many countries, yet in Western culture, most would run away from the table in a daze if the waiter would put a bowl of caterpillars or crickets on the table.
Scientists say that the future of gastronomy is in arthropods. Excessive meat consumption causes severe damage to the Earth. If more people would befriend the idea of eating insects, it could be a good solution for this problem.
More than 1,900 edible insect species live on the planet. About two billion people regularly consume insects – fried, cooked, or even raw -.

The most significant benefits of insect consumption. Insects are high in protein, and they contain less fat than animal meat. Their breeding and processing require significantly less space, and also they need less food. Unlike farm animals, they produce smaller amounts of greenhouse gases as well.
Our grandchildren may be chewing biscuits and cakes made with cricket flour and cracking slices of grasshopper protein bars as snacks.

Would you try eating insects?

52% of the Pulzus App survey participants would not try eating insects, while 24% would try what arthropods taste like out of curiosity.

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