Isn’t reading fun anymore? – Pulzus poll

Fun hobby or duty? Fewer and fewer people read regularly for fun. A decline in reading mood can be experienced among students also. In 1980, 60% of American graduate high school students said they read book, daily newspaper, or magazine for fun on a daily basis – today the same is true for 16% of them, a huge decrease.

Today, only one tenth of the adult Hungarian population reads regularly. Of those who never read a book, most said it was because they did not like to read.

In our research, we were wondering what percentage of Pulzus users read for fun.
19% of respondents read several times a week for fun, 19% said they read more than once a month, and 36% said they read less often than this.

How often do you read a book for fun (one that is not related to your school studies or work)?

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