Fear of Lasting Commitment – Pulzus Poll

Expert studies show that fear of commitment is influenced most often by fear of rejection. Many want to avoid disappointment and to make their emotions even deeper.

It also happens countless times that when some end their relationship with a difficult, painful breakup, bad memories accompany them for a long time and they try to prevent themselves from having to go through them again. Others are afraid of responsibility, of duties associated with a serious relationship. Psychological researches also show that the fear of lasting commitment can destabilize those living in a relationship, and can lead to dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

In our survey, we wanted to find out how much our users were afraid of a lasting commitment.
56% of our respondents are not at all, 20% are not so much, 12% are somewhat, and 5% are very afraid of the idea of lasting commitment.

How much are you afraid of lasting commitment?

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