Do you drink from a glass, a plastic bottle or your own bottle? – Pulzus survey

The revolution of plastic bottles began in the late 1970s in Europe and has been used worldwide ever since. In Hungary alone, 1.4-1.5 billion PET bottles are sold annually, which means 150 PET bottles per person per year, and most of the empty plastic bottles end up polluting the environment.

Research has shown that if mineral water spends a lot of time in a plastic bottle and it heats up, or an already slightly worn bottle gets refilled, various chemicals start to dissolve into the water. The same is true for most plastic bottles with acidic carbonated mineral water.

Also, by refilling a plastic water bottle, there is a greater chance that bacteria will multiply in it, as its surface is more vulnerable and pathogens can settle on it more easily.

We asked Pulzus users what they usually drink from – 29% of respondents buy bottled water and refill it at least once. However, 26% throws the emptied bottles away immediately without reusing them.

What do you usually drink from when you leave your home?

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