In stressful situations, we crave unhealthy food – Pulzus survey

For many people, stress and eating go hand in hand. Stress has become a part of our daily lives, and most people have learned to live with it. Everyone has their stress-relieving techniques: listening to music, training, yoga – and of course, eating.

When we are nervous, our body produces stress hormones, which in most cases increase our appetite. As a result of the impulses, we usually crave food that will quickly give us a sense of satisfaction, usually junk food.

This escape route is the simplest one because it relieves our tension easily and quickly – but only temporarily.
In a situation like this, instead of stuffing ourselves with unhealthy food that will only make the situation worse, we should be looking for something healthy to snack on.

By doing this, our brain can maintain or cure mental pressure in the long term.
Our survey found that 30% of those who use the Pulzus app eat unhealthy things when nervous. However, 60% of respondents do not change their eating habits during times like these.

What are you like in stressful situations?

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