Artificial intelligence instead of a lawyer? – A survey by Pulzus

Artificial intelligence (AI), according to the European Parliament, describes the human-like capabilities of machines, such as reasoning, learning, planning, and creativity. It is unnecessary to mention the degree to which the answers offered by artificial intelligence are interconnected with our daily lives. A few examples include the smartphone you use to respond to Pulzus’ questions, but this category includes all gadgets with an Internet connection. Self-driving cars are an example of a type of this technology that is currently somewhat out of reach for the average person. These vehicles already exist and function, but we must wait for their widespread adoption.
Science is attempting to take advantage of any scenario in which AI can simplify life. This is further demonstrated by the fact that in an American court, a smartphone app, or artificial intelligence itself, defends the accused in a case involving speeding. The procedure appears straightforward: the program gathers information from prior situations, analyses it, then offers solutions to the inquiries that result from it.
We questioned Pulzus users about their trust in such software in a comparable circumstance.

19% of respondents said they would use this approach. 46% do not withdraw from the idea but are still undecided. Because they would put greater trust in a lawyer, 30% of users oppose the role of artificial intelligence in this scenario. 5% of the respondents were undecided on this issue.

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