What is the psychological limit of the price of gasoline? A survey by Pulzus

Do you know how Kübekháza got into the news? Since they can save thousands of forints on each fill-up, the residents of this village near the Romanian border who possess cars have been getting their petrol through Romania for weeks.

In Romania, the cost of gasoline per liter is currently about HUF 120 less than it is in Hungary. Gasoline is HUF 110 less expensive in Croatia, Slovakia, and even the war-torn Ukraine. Many individuals depend on their cars for many reasons, such as their jobs, yet due to high gas prices and other factors, owning a car has increasingly become a luxury for many.

We asked what the maximum price of fuel per liter was at which point Pulzus users would stop driving and opt for another means of transportation.

At a cost of between HUF 801 and 899, 24% of the respondents would give up driving, while 8% would do the same at a cost of between HUF 901 and 999. The psychological ceiling is HUF 1,000 for 13%. 7% of respondents say they temporarily quit driving because of the high prices, but 18% of car owners say they cannot manage without their vehicles. 4% of respondents did not respond to the question, and 26% did not own a car.

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