Was the year 2022 really the most difficult year after the regime change? – A survey by Pulzus

When the Russian-Ukrainian war started, the world had only begun to recover from the shock of the Covid-19 outbreak and was attempting to return to the familiar normalcy, or anything akin to it. The number of migrants increased, vehicles with Ukrainian license plates crowded the streets, and the news got progressively worse. It was alarming to read, see, and hear about the forint’s decline against the euro and the dollar. Additionally, going to the store has turned into a dangerous sport, at least in terms of comprehending the price tags and leaving the cashier upsíet.

Additional food products were given a price cap, but in the summer, unfortunately, it turned out that utility prices were not among them, or at least not to the desired extent, so we could then start to get used to the idea that a reduction in utility costs is actually a rise in utility prices. After that, they lifted the gas price freeze, leaving us to once again purchase fuel at market rates. This is how we came to the end of the year, which was no longer determined by Covid-19, but it didn’t seem any nicer than the previous two. We fought with the EU a lot, or the EU fought with us.

The Hungarian Prime Minister openly named 2022 as the most difficult year following the government change. We polled our users to determine if they agreed that this year was Hungary’s most challenging year since the regime change.

According to 41% of the respondents, we are indeed over our most difficult year, 33% felt the last year was difficult but remembered similar difficult years from the past 30 years. According to 11%, 2022 was not a particularly difficult year, and there were 15% of respondents who either did not leave a deep mark on them or last year left such a deep mark that they did not even take a position on this issue.
Do you also think that 2022 was the most difficult year after the regime change?

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