Would you accept it if it were mandatory to wear a mask in closed places during the flu season? – A survey by Pulzus

Do you recall how, three years ago, our lives were on the verge of being drastically altered? We’ve nearly forgotten at this point that the streets were abandoned, the schools were abruptly shuttered, and we could only leave the house with a mask on.

The restrictions brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak partially had positive effects, like with any unpleasant things. We gained greater proficiency with technology, had more time to spend with our kids, and finally understood that the mask is not from the devil.
Unpleasant? Yes. Uncomfortable? Often. Does it look bad? It is not debatable! However, if we had to leave, that was the only thing we could cling to. We tried to keep the virus away by covering our mouths and noses and praying that if we even washed our hands sufficiently, we would avoid this whole nightmare and not carry the illness home. It was also a plus that we avoided the typical yearly flu outbreak due to mask use and other constraints. But at the start of 2023, the flu outbreak is resurfacing and has grown significantly, reminding us that it hasn’t gone away for good! We may apply what we discovered during the Covid-19 epidemic to learn how to prevent the flu in the same manner that it prevented the coronavirus from infecting humans.

In order to stop the flu virus from spreading, we asked our customers if they would think it was appropriate to wear a mask inside for a few weeks during the flu season!

In sum, 62% of respondents stated they would find this provision acceptable (31% entirely and also 31% rather yes), 18% would prefer not to wear masks, and another 17% completely reject this concept. Only 3 percent of respondents remained undecided.

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