Would you join the Veganuary challenge and switch to a vegan lifestyle? – A survey by Pulzus

Resolutions and lifestyle changes frequently happen at the start of the year. The vegan January initiative is similar to dry November, as everyone knows. This provides us the perspective that we don’t purchase food of animal origin or cosmetics made using animal testing, in addition to not eating meat. And certainly, since dairy, eggs, and cheese are also made using animal products, we refrain from eating them in accordance with the vegan dietary philosophy. Hungary is also seeing a rise in the popularity of veganism. It suffices to consider how quickly some supermarket chains stock up on the tastiest plant-based, entirely meat-free dishes, and other vegan products.

We questioned our customers about their willingness to try the vegan lifestyle, for which the veganuar challenge offers both theoretical and practical support, in an effort to contribute to the development of a more ethical and ecological world.

14% of the respondents indicated they would like to attempt this way of life, while 40% said they would give it a shot but couldn’t stick with it for too long since they would miss the meat. 2% of respondents claimed they already followed these rules when it came to eating, while 39% of respondents stated they would never attempt to give up food with animal origins. Only 5% of the respondents were unable to express an opinion.

Would you adopt a vegan lifestyle and take on the Veganuary challenge?

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