Can the Hungarian government be held responsible for the suspension of the Erasmus program? – A survey by Pulzus

One of the greatest things that can possibly happen to a person is the chance to learn, grow, and travel the world while still young, as well as the chance to share experiences and forge relationships. The 1987-founded Erasmus program of the European Union, which has participants learn about the world, acquire skills, and encourage as many people as possible to participate actively in society, supports this.

Because of this, the news that the European Commission informed the Hungarian government that it finds it concerning that politicians with close ties to the government sit in prominent positions on the boards of trustees of universities organized as foundations and that funding for the Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe programs will not begin until this situation is changed or clarified. All parties involved promptly voiced their opinions following the news, including the Network of Teachers, who asserted unequivocally that the Hungarian government alone is to blame for the program’s suspension.

We polled Pulzus users on their level of agreement with the Teachers’ Network’s stance. 56% of respondents totally agree, which is a large majority. Only 6% of respondents said they rather disagreed with this opinion, while another 15% said they rather agreed. 10% of respondents stated they did not think the government was at all to blame for the issue. 13% of the respondents did not take a position on this topic.

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