If you won a larger amount on the lottery, would you withdraw the money at once or would you request an annuity? – A survey by Pulzus

Who hasn’t imagined what they would do if a sizable sum fell on their hand? Many people enjoy playing, need excitement, and spend money in the hopes of winning big.

Around five million individuals participate in the Five Lottery, three million in the Six Lottery, and about two million in the Scandinavian Lottery. According to a survey, lottery players typically fall into the over-30 age group. While playing the lottery is undoubtedly motivated by the potential for a carefree life and the amount of money that can be won, it is essential to note that for 40% of players, playing the lottery is almost a family tradition.

If they were to win a sizeable sum of money and had the opportunity, we asked Pulzus users if they would withdraw the cash right away or ask for an annuity.

62% of respondents would like to get the award all at once, compared to 32% who would choose an annuity and 6% who had not made up their minds.

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