Are you planning a holiday at Lake Balaton this year? – Pulzus survey

Many people are eager to travel this summer, after the long period of isolation.
As always, lake Balaton is mostly the first destination that comes to mind for most Hungarians.
Caterers and accommodations were well prepared for the season, as both reservations and comparison sites have indicated a large visitor wave.

Balaton may become more expensive since Hungarians will be willing to pay more after their lengthy isolation. Thus, service providers may be able to raise their prices significantly based on the law of supply and demand.

We recently conducted a research to see if Pulzus users were interested in visiting Lake Balaton this summer.
Surprisingly, 52% of our users have no intentions of visiting Balaton, while only 19% do. 13% have already visited the “Hungarian sea” this summer.
As a result of the projected increase in prices, 11% became hesitant about this year’s vacation.

Are you planning on visiting Balaton this year?

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