How do phishing scammers try to trick you? – Pulzus survey

Bank phishers have resurfaced in recent months – lots of people got calls from scammers claiming to be bank employees or bank security managers.

The so-called “employees” try to get the necessary data from their victims by informing them about a potential hacker attack or a large purchase initiated with their credit card.

The fraudsters say this problem can be fixed in a few simple steps, and they ask the victims:

  • To install a program
  • For their NetBank login information
  • For their card details

With this information, scammers can take as much money as they want from the victim`s account.

From our freshest survey, we found out that most Pulzus users believe that their bank information is safe. More than half of the respondents, 53%, think their data is primarily safe, while 35% are totally sure about it. Only 3% are concerned about security.

Are you confident in the security of your bank account information?

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