Leaking nuclear power plant in China? – Pulzus survey

China is one of the largest atom energy-consuming nations. According to the World Nuclear Association, there are 50 working power plants in the country, and there are plans for 18 more.
The Tajsan power plant’s first reactor was put to work in 2018, its second in 2019. Both are European-style reactors using pressurized water, and the same type is being built in France and Finland right now.

An American news channel reported that the French Framatome, the power plant operator, had notified the U.S. Department of Energy about a “direct radiological threat”. The French co-owner detected leaking near the Tajsan power plant.
The Chinese government is denying the facts, but the critical radiation limit has been lifted in the area to avoid a complete shutdown.

We asked Pulzus users if they were worried that events similar to Chernobyl could happen again?
More than two-thirds of our users, around 67%, think there is a possibility, while only 21% believe there is nothing to be worried about.

Are you afraid that another nuclear disaster could happen?

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