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Te milyen típusú személyiség vagy? - Pulzus közvéleménykutatás

Personality is a very complex concept, and it is difficult to define. However, all definitions agree on one thing: the personality is a unified set of factors, – physical and mental – that distinguish a person from others, determine their behavior and way of thinking, and makes them unique and unrepeatable.
A person’s personality will become stable with the passing of time. However, it can change over a lifetime or in different situations, and it will be focused on achieving goals, seeking personal meanings.

According to psychologists: physique, physiological characteristics, temperament, needs, abilities – skills, attitudes and interest are the most important shaping factors in the development of personality.

We asked Pulzus users about their personalities. We were curious if they thought of themselves as a follower or rather as a leading personality?
16% of the respondents could not decide which characteristic suited them, 42% considered themselves as leaders and the other 42% as followers.

Are you more of a follower or a leading individual?


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