If you could control your emotions, would you do it? – Pulzus survey

Ha tehetnéd a technológia segítségével kontrollálnád az érzelmeidet? - Pulzus közvéleménykutatás

Regardless of our interests and intentions, our behavior is always determined by our emotions. We cannot take full control of our emotional side, we can change the way we express ourselves, but we cannot fully control it.
Throughout our lives, we will have all kinds of experiences that will sometimes make us feel bad and sometimes good. Whatever we do, our emotional side will take control.
It is important to handle our emotions in a healthy way. Because these conditions, if not expressed, can cause serious problems.

We asked Pulzus users that, if they had the chance, would they control their emotions with the help of technology?
The majority of respondents, 57%, would not want to do so, while 31% said that they would control their emotions if they had the opportunity.
If you could use technology to control your emotions, would you do it?



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