Artificial intelligence is not just the future anymore? – Pulzus survey

A mesterséges intelligencia már nem csak a jövő? - Pulzus közvéleménykutatás

We hear more and more about artificial intelligence, many say it is the defining technology of the future.
Artificial intelligence refers to the human-like capabilities of machines, such as reasoning, learning, designing, and creativity.

With the help of technology, machines are already able to perceive their environment, they can process what they perceive, and thus they effectively solve problems, and plan their steps to achieve their purposes. Not only do they receive data (through their sensors, such as cameras), but they also process these data and respond to them.

This is a central element of the digital revolution today. In our daily lives, we might not even think about how many areas artificial intelligence is being used on. Online shopping, smart homes, smart cars, translations, internet search, online ads.
Everything revolves around digitization.

Related to the topic, in our survey, we were wondering who would be more fair with their employees, an artificial intelligence or a human boss?

More than half of the respondents (57%) believe that the human boss may be more reliable and fair than his artificial version.
Do you agree?


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