What motivates people? – Pulse survey

Mi motiválja az embereket? - Pulzus közvéleménykutatás

What motivates a person in their work, relationships, in a competitive situation, or even in their everyday life?
Nowadays, motivation became a product that can be used to change our behavior.
Simple external rewards can shape people’s behavior and in a short time, these can easily become habits. However, external rewarding has its drawbacks. In some situations, they can undermine performance.
Motivation, let it be long or short term, should not be looked for in objects or tangible things. People can also be motivated on an emotional basis to increase performance.

In our research, we tried to find out – what is it that motivates people the most?
Overall, 32% of respondents said that greed is the biggest motivating force, and 27% thought that fear can also be a form of motivation.
What do you think, what motivates people the most?


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