What is GMO and what do you know about it? – Pulzus survey

Mi az a GMO és mit tudsz róla? - Pulzus közvéleménykutatás

It is becoming more common to hear about genetically modified foods. The abbreviation GMO-free can also be found in many places. But what does this mean exactly?

GMO means genetically modified organism, which can apply to the components of the product and even to plants. Genetically modified plants are created by artificially modifying seeds, for example, so they get properties that they did not previously carry, but later it will make them more resistant to environmental influences, pests, and diseases. So insecticide is not sprayed on genetically modified plants, as it is already present in them.
The import and cultivation of genetically modified products are regulated within the European Union. Thus, if a product contains GMO in any form, the manufacturer is obliged to indicate it. Such plants are most commonly found in forage and finished products. In Hungary, it is forbidden to grow genetically modified plants, so we can only encounter them in processed form.

Genetic modification is being experimented with animals as well, but none of them are allowed for consumption, not to mention that the production of GMO animals also raises ethical and animal welfare issues.

What do you know about genetically modified foods?
The majority of respondents, 43%, believe they know little about genetically modified foods. Our research revealed that 36% of the respondents are only, somewhat aware of what this means.



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