Work from home or workplace? – Pulzus poll

The home office has become an alternative to traditional, office work, the advantages and disadvantages of which have been thoroughly demonstrated over the past year.

An advantage may be that an average of 80 minutes spent on traffic per day is released when working from home. An earlier teleworking experiment also showed that those working from home took less sick leave.

In home office, on the other hand, it is more difficult to seperate working time and personal free time, as it is enough to just turn on the computer, and you are already “at work”. Strict care must be taken to not mix them.

In an office, common spaces make the work of many difficult, especially when co-workers have to make frequent phone calls or talk to each other. Some are negatively affected by the office atmosphere, while others are affected by the lack of colleagues.

What about efficiency?

In our survey, we wanted to answer the question of whether working from home can be as effective as working from office. 33% of the participants said home office can be as efficient as office work.

Which one do you think is more effective?

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