Hybrid working model – Pulzus poll

In the first wave of the pandemic, employees of many companies were forced to work from home. Everyone had to adapt unexpectedly and quickly to the situation, during which it was not certain that the developed system complied with all the rules.

The change has highlighted that a home office can be efficient and has long-term benefits. However, the potential of so-called “smart working” should not be forgotten.

Working from home has been proven to be successful in many jobs, but typically the hybrid operating model, also known as smart working, has been proven to be the most effective. It means that employees don’t always stay in the office, but they don’t always work in telecommuting. How much time we spend in our home or in the office depends on the job, but also on where we can work more efficiently.

In our survey, we were curious about which form of work our users prefer. 51% of respondents consider hybrid work to be the best solution.

Which solution do you think is best?

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