What do we experience in a crisis situation? – Pulzus poll

About a year ago, a new era began, called pandemic, which rewrote every area of ​​our lives. We could never know exactly what the future holds; our expectations were not yet so labile.

A crisis is a state of severe uncertainty, the outcome of which can be positive or negative. In the public knowledge, this word has a negative tone, but in a crisis situation, a bad outcome of events is not always necessary. This condition requires us to sharpen our senses, make a quick assessment of our condition, and make decisions. Our instincts are revived, causing our bodies to produce adrenaline in response to external pressure. Our reaction in such a situation varies from individual to individual. This situation can be beneficial in short term, but it does not have a good effect in long term.

According to a social psychologist, István Síklaki, in such a long-lasting crisis situation as we have experienced since last year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, both cooperation and aggression tend to intensify.

In our survey, we wanted to know which one our users have experienced to a greater extent over the past year.

60% of the participants who answered the question experienced more aggressive behavior in their environment during the pandemic.

Do you think aggression or cooperation characterized the period of the coronavirus?

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