Are there going to be restrictions from the autumn? – Pulzus survey

The delta variant is far more contagious than the British mutant, and it primarily affects those who have not been vaccinated.

The Delta was initially discovered in India, and during the spring, the estimated number of fatalities could be as many as three million. In only a few months, its global spread increased immensely.
According to virologist Miklós Rusvai, the rapid spread of the delta variant is cause for alarm, and he urges everyone to get vaccinated.

It’s important to think about this because everyone’s immune systems are different. Vaccination does not result in the same level of protection for everyone. There will always be some, who get less immunized than others.

In our most recent survey, we asked Pulzus users if they anticipate new restrictions from the fall?
More than half, 51% of respondents expect new restrictions due to the coronavirus.

Do you expect restrictions from the autumn?

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