Hard to let go of the mask? – Pulzus survey

The coronavirus has become part of history. We must deal with the physical and psychological consequences.
Countries are lifting epidemic restrictions one by one thanks to vaccinations, but some people find it difficult to let go of their behaviours from the previous year. For some people, the prospect of opening up, not wearing masks, and meeting people in person again after more than a year of confinement might be terrifying rather than liberating.
Some people still need masks regardless of how far the epidemic has been pushed back or how lax the regulations have become.

According to experts, this may be especially the case for people already prone to anxiety or whose lives have been greatly affected by the epidemic.
59% of Pulzus app users said wearing masks was restricting, and they were looking forward to putting them down.

Do you still wear a mask since the restrictions have relaxed, even though it is no longer necessary?

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