Home-grown fruits – Pulzus survey

Although blossoming started earlier than average this year, the frosts in March and April and the cloudy weather in May, have raised the price of fruits and vegetables.
The frosts caused significant flower and crop damage. The lack of precipitation hindered the fertilization of the remaining flowers and crops.

Based on the Budapest Wholesale Market data, the price of first-class imported strawberries per kilo is around 1,000-1,200 Ft. In contrast, the cost of domestic fruit of similar quality is roughly double. This price represents an increase of about 30% compared to last year, partly due to the cool weather. One kilo of cherries this year can cost up to 3,000 Ft in some places.

We asked participants in our survey; if it`s essential for them that the fruit they buy comes from domestic cultivation?

42% of our respondents consider it important to buy Hungarian products.

Is it essential for you to buy locally grown fruit?

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