Hungary’s Arboretums? – Pulzus survey

A long walk in a botanical garden or Arboretum can always be relaxing. One’s body and soul yearns for a green atmosphere and discover the thousands of beauties of nature.
In our country’s lovely arboretums, it’s easy to find peace and relaxation.

On 82 hectares, the largest Arboretum in Hungary is in Szarvas, along the Hármas-Körös backwater. Beautiful clearings, massive trees, and free-roaming peacocks are the highlights of the botanical park. The Arboretum’s history can be traced back to the Bolza family of Italian origins. General Péter Bolza became a landowner in Szarvas in 1798. Later, his son, József Bolza, and his wife, Count Anna Batthyány, began the Anna grove’s forestation.

The Folly Arboretums in Badacsony is one of the oldest, covers 5 hectares and was designed by dr. Gyula Folly in the early 1900s. The Arboretum is part of the Balaton-Upland National Park. Since 1997, it has been heavily protected, and it is home to over 400 conifers, 200 deciduous trees and shrubs, as well as thousands of perennials.

We asked Pulzus users if they had already visited one of the more than 30 arboretums in Hungary.
53% of our respondents have already visited several Hungarian arboretums.

Have you ever been to any of them?

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