Domestic or imported products? – Pulzus survey

The closer the food comes from, the better. It is often stressed that we should try to consume more and more locally-grown food.
The demand for Hungarian products among consumers has increased significantly in the last few years in our country.

However, according to a study, not every locally produced food is more sustainable than imported.
Scientists are saying that we are overestimating the environmental footprint of transportation. Many other aspects need to be considered if we want to determine the impact of a product on the environment. Processing, storing, and the conditions, climate, and soil quality of a given country are significant factors in a specific product’s impact.

We asked Pulzus users if they strive to buy local food daily?
50% of respondents usually buy locally produced food, while 21% do not buy such products.

Are you looking for locally grown food when you are shopping?

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