Environmental Awareness and Eco – Friendly Products – Pulzus Survey

We come across “eco,” “organic,” “green,” “recyclable,” and many other tags on products labelled as environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, because few items do not require raw materials or do not need to be transported, the eco-quality of a product may be interpreted mainly compared to other “substitute items.”
Today, every business strives to stand out by producing environmentally friendly or organic items.

According to some experts, although in addition to the growing number of truly environmentally friendly companies worldwide, we may also encounter the phenomenon of “greenwashing”. In other words, we often find ourselves facing fake-green advertisements, “green-painted” products because some companies present themselves as more eco-friendly than they really are.
Choosing eco-friendly products is not an easy task. Even the more experienced customers can devote significant time contemplating on this topic.
We were curious: how much Pulzus users trusted the labels on environmentally friendly products?

While almost 36% of our respondents do not believe the labels, they still buy items marked as eco-friendly, 29% look up additional information about the tags, and 19% do not concern themself’s with such products at all.

How much do you trust these labels?

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