Would you give up palm oil because it is not environmentally friendly? – A survey by Pulzus

Due to the increase in the price of sunflower oil, several basic products, that contain it as the main ingredient (e.g. mayonnaise) could become a luxury item. Russia and Ukraine are major players in the food industry and are also prominent sunflower oil producers. However, due to the war, deliveries of sunflower oil have stopped, stocks are depleting, and the conditions for this year’s production are not favorable either. As a result, food industry companies are already looking for sunflower oil substitutes.

For many people, palm oil might be the solution. This, however, is very bad news from an environmental point of view, as one of the main causes of mass deforestation is the production of palm oil. Following pictures of animals being killed during the production of palm oil and allegations of forced labor, European businesses have attempted to limit its use or at the very least paid close attention to finding products made under ethical conditions.

In our Pulzus survey, we asked users if they would stop eating products using palm oil in order to protect the environment. 50% of respondents would completely give up palm oil if it helped the environment.

Would you give up palm oil and the meals that use it, to protect the environment?

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