Introduction of a global minimum tax – A survey by Pulzus

At the European Parliament, Hungary was the only one to veto the introduction of a 15 percent global minimum tax law, which would apply to companies with an annual turnover of at least 750 million euros.

Several Hungarian companies would be affected by the tax regulations, as OTP, Mol, Richter, the state MVM group or Wizz Air Hungary Zrt. all have a revenue exceeding this threshold.

The aim of introducing a minimum tax is to eliminate tax havens that allow multinational corporations to avoid paying taxes. The Hungarian government explains its veto by saying that the global minimum tax would mean a general increase in corporate taxation, which would hinder job creation.

In our survey on the Pulzus app, we asked our users whether they think we should introduce a global minimum tax?

69% of respondents believe that the EU-enforced single global minimum tax should be introduced in Hungary.

Do you think this tax should be introduced?

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