Ethical for the insurance company to refuse compensation for the 202 hot air balloon accident? – A survey by Pulzus

An unprecedented accident occurred in mid-air, in September 2020 between Vál and Kajászó, Fejér County. In a hot air balloon, a fire started in the early evening hours after hitting the ground, and the damaged structure became uncontrollable. Two passengers and the pilot suffered burns, but were able to jump out of the basket. However, a fourth person rose into the air with the glowing balloon, which eventually crashed into a cornfield.

Allianz insurance company completely deflects the liability to the aviation association, citing gross negligence, and does not pay compensation to persons/families who died and were injured in the accident.
However, Allianz is the primary insurer of all vehicles at the association and the accident insurance was also provided by them.

In the Pulzus application, we asked our users whether they consider the insurer’s actions ethical in this situation?

53% of respondents say this is not ethical or acceptable from the insurance company.

You think the insurance company was acting ethically?

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