State intervention in healthcare? – A survey by Pulzus

In several hospitals, people can only give birth only on pre-appointed days. In June, a total of three institutions indicated that they could not provide care for women giving birth at certain times.

Due to the shortage of doctors, it was not possible to give birth in the Mohács hospital from June, the maternity hospital was only able to open on Monday and Wednesday in Szolnok, and at the end of June it was also announced in Várpalota that it would not be possible to give birth in the hospital for weeks. Mothers are terrified of this instability of care.

In EU comparison, the Hungarian state spent an outstanding amount on sports, but we are one of the member states that had spent the least on health care before the epidemic. The result of many years of underfunding is, among other things, chronic labor shortages. The Hungarian state has never been a European champion in terms of healthcare expenditure, but in the 2010s the situation not only did not improve, it only worsened.
In our Pulzus survey, we asked our users whether, in their opinion, the current state of healthcare has reached a critical condition where state intervention becomes vital?

72% of respondents believe that state intervention in health care has long been necessary.

Do you think the Hungarian healthcare situation has reached a low point where state intervention is needed?

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