Could Facebook and Instagram disappear? – A survey by Pulzus

As a result of the Irish data protection commission’s decision, Facebook and Instagram may cease to operate in Europe.
The parent firm of Facebook will not be allowed to transfer the data of European users to the US, according to the Irish data protection authority. The commission has sent the draft decision to the other European data protection regulatory authorities, who now have one month to react.

In addition to the company Meta, numerous other businesses may potentially be affected by the decision. The Court of Justice of the European Union annulled the data flow agreement between the EU and the United States, the so-called Privacy Shield, back in July 2020 because the EU had previously expressed concern about the United States’ practices of monitoring individuals’ personal data.

Meta has repeatedly indicated that, in the event of such a decision, Facebook and Instagram would be blocked from European users.
In the Pulzus app, we asked our users whether they are worried about the protection of their personal data when using Facebook and Instagram. 20% of respondents are concerned about the use of their data.

Are you worried about the protection of your personal data on these two platforms?

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