Will the member states join the lawsuit against Hungary, which was initiated because of the child protection law? – A survey by Pulzus

Forbidden Colors, an organization dedicated to defending LGBTQI rights, has started a campaign in Europe. The European Commission is requesting that EU member states join its action against Hungary, which was started as a result of changes made to the Child Protection Act.

It is illegal to make the advertising available to those under the age of eighteen that depicts sexuality for its own purposes, deviates from the self-identity that corresponds to the sex at birth, changes the gender, and promotes and displays homosexuality. This is due to the Child Protection Act of June 2021, which widened the possibilities of action against pedophile criminals.
A rights-protecting NGO, Forbidden Colors, expresses its worry over the policy that disadvantages LGBTQI+ individuals and feels it breaches the right to freedom of speech.

We polled Pulzus readers to find out if they thought other member states would support the European Commission’s legal action against Hungary.

Some will join, according to 52% of respondents, while 20% think all member states would join and oppose the Child Protection Act revisions.

Do you think member states will join?

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