Will the European Commission be satisfied with the resignation of the government members? – A survey by Pulzus

The European Commission previously wrote to the Hungarian government to inform it that the funding of the Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe programs has been suspended because it finds it concerning that officials with close ties to the government hold prominent positions on the boards of trustees of universities set up as foundations.

The members of the government are resigning from their positions on the university board of trustees after the European Commission objected to their presence, the minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office and government spokesperson Alexandra Szentkirályi announced on the prior government briefing.
The European Commission won’t be satisfied with this step, according to education scholar Péter Radó, because it doesn’t yet guarantee more transparent management and the autonomy of universities.
If government officials resigned from their posts on university boards of trustees, would it be sufficient for the European Commission, as we asked our users in the Pulzus Application?

This will not be sufficient for the European Commission, according to 63% of the respondents.

Do you think the resignation of the members of the government will satisfy the European Commission?

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