Should Hungary compete for the right to host the 2036 Summer Olympic Games? – A survey by Pulzus

An Olympic-caliber sporting event, in particular, has tremendous sporting value and prestige-boosting effects. However, there are a number of requirements that must be met for a city to be given the go-ahead. Budapest’s bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games was unveiled in 2015. The city’s growth and the additional 1,100 billion forints in revenue for the national economy were mentioned by the proponents.

The Olympics, according to opponents, would be fantastic but we’re not ready to finance them. When Hungary decided not to host the women’s handball European Championship in January of this year, this idea was revived. However, almost simultaneously, Balázs Fürjes, the Parliamentary State Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office, claimed that Budapest had never been so close to hosting the Olympics. He faced both support and criticism for his statement in the news.

We polled Pulzus users to find out if they thought Hungary ought to contend for the chance to host the 2036 Summer Olympics. The idea has the support of 11% of the respondents, and another 9% would rather support it. 53% of people oppose the bid to host the 2036 Olympics, with 21% being more opposed. 6% of the respondents were uncertain about the subject.

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