National consultation – Pulzus Survey

Nemzeti konzultáció – Pulzus közvéleménykutatás

National consultation on the resumption launched on Wednesday evening, within the framework of which the government would like to know the Hungarian society’s position on the resumption/reopening.

We wanted to find out from our users the answer, that in their opinion, how much such general national consultations can show a credible picture of the Hungarians` view.

Less than a quarter of the respondents said that the preconceptions were entirely credible (4%) or somewhat credible (19%).

In contrast, 22% said it did not really give a credible picture, and almost half of the respondents, 49%, said it did not paint an authentic image.

Therefore, to summit up: if we only consider those who expressed their views, three-quarters of the respondents say that national consultations do not provide a realistic picture.

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