How to prosper in Hungary – Pulzus Survey

Felhasználóinkat arról kérdeztük, szerintük mi az, ami inkább szükséges Magyarországon a boldoguláshoz.

Livelihood is an essential topic for everyone.
While many say that money does not make you happy, in today’s world, unfortunately, very few or almost no one has the “luxury” of living a life that doesn’t revolve around money..
On this occasion, we asked our users to tell us that in their opinion, what is the most necessary to thrive in Hungary successfully.

The research revealed that only 15% of the respondents think that “Studying, working hard, and following the rules” is necessary. Almost 43% say that “Knowing the loopholes and having relationships in the right places” is more important.
39% of our users think that a combination of the two is needed to thrive in Hungary today.

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