Four-legged Covid-19 testers – Pulzus survey

Négylábú koronavírus tesztelők – Pulzus közvéleménykutatás

Dogs are considered by many to be man’s best friend.

Throughout our history, we have read of countless cases where dogs have saved human lives – and this is no different today. In addition to the guidance of the visually impaired, assisting the disabled, therapeutic dogs, and the countless other areas where everyday life is more manageable for millions of people, they can now help fight the coronavirus.

We looked forward to hearing our users’ answers about whether they think dogs can effectively recognise the coronavirus.

From the replies, it is clear that people trust that our four-legged friends can help us in this area as well.
The majority, i.e. almost 70%, chose yes, while only 10% chose no.
20% of people abstained from answering.

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