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Boldogságmérő karszalag – Pulzus közvéleménykutatás

Emotions play a significant role in the workplace, as well. They can determine the mood within the group. At the organizational level, it can even affect the entire corporate culture.
Is it essential for employees to monitor employee happiness or unhappiness?
Moodbeam invented a portable silicone wristband to help the employer monitor an employee’s emotional state. The armband has two buttons: a yellow and a blue one – when someone clicks the yellow button, that`s a sign of jolliness, and whoever presses the blue one is signalling sadness.

We asked our users if they would or like to use such a gadget.

65% of respondents do not want to try such a device. 22% would like to use the happiness measuring wristband.
On the employer side, only 7% would utilize such a tool.

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